Beginner trying to buy a used bike

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Beginner trying to buy a used bike

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Dear all,

I just finished my MSF training and got the license.

I used to ride 125cc motorcycle when I was in Taiwan. I have ridden that for almost 10 years. I have moved to California for 30 years now.

I am planning to get a bike that I can use it for weekend riding around San Francisco shoreline. Maybe once a while do daily commute which only 3 miles!

I am looking at a used bike S50 (2006 with 53K miles and dealer is asking for $4,000). My friend told me the mileage is too high. I also am looking at a Harley Davidson Iron 883 (2014 with 3,000 miles and dealer is asking for $8,900). Or any other models that you will recommend?

Need suggestions and advices from you. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Beginner trying to buy a used bike

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Welcome to the group. Try looking on you'll find lots of choices there.

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Re: Beginner trying to buy a used bike

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Hi Frank,

First, welcome to the Total Motorcycle Forum!

It sounds like you are looking at cruisers which means that you will have a very large range of options compared to people who are looking at other types of bikes. I am not into cruisers, but I am sure others will be glad to share their views. You should take the time to browse on and get a feel for the price points of the different models that are of an interest to you. Other great resources are which will allow you to compare the rider position on different motorcycles, and which will let you look at the fuel economy of different motorcycles.

It is smart to remember that this does not need to be your last bike, rather it is your first bike after a long time without riding. I would recommend that you pick a used bike that is going to be easy for you to ride and remember that in a year or two you can just sell it, likely for a large fraction of your purchase price, and trade up.

I hope you have a great time, a safe time, when you get your motorcycle.

Safe Travels,

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