Bridgestone TW152 Trail Wing tire

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Bridgestone TW152 Trail Wing tire

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Those of you who read TMW a lot know that I've been critical of Bridgestone's BT021 sport touring tire - to the point where I won't buy them and recommend others avoid them. However, that does not extend to all Bridgestone tires.

I own a DL1000 V-strom, and the Bridgestone TW152 Trail Wing comes as original equipment on that bike. I've only ever replaced them with more Trail Wings. Since there are multiple bike in our househould, I'm not always as up to date as I should be (ahem :whistling: ) with each bike's service status. Recently I thought the tread on the V-strom's rear tire looked a little low.... dug out the service records and it turns out that tire has 12,500 miles on it - and I could squeeze out a little more (technically it doesn't even flunk the Lincoln penny test yet). For a big 1000 cc bike, which I don't baby when I ride, that is OUTSTANDING mileage from a rear tire.

Trail Wings are considered 80/20 street/off road. I find they have outstanding grip in wet and marginal traction. And they wear very evenly, and slowly. For heavy adventure tourers, I absolutely recommend them (if available in your size).
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