Just a Thought on Maintenance

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Re: Just a Thought on Maintenance

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ceemes wrote:
EatenbyAsphalt wrote:And that would be the answer of a buddhist.
Actually, that answer can be attributed to Saladin, after he took the city of Jerusalem after a long and bloody siege. He was asked what was the value of capturing Jerusalem, he answered, nothing............and everything. Deep thinkers those Moors.

Except that the Buddha had been dead over 1500(give or take a century or two) years when Saladin sacked Jerusalem.

Saladin Died March 4, 1193 CE (aged 55–56)

Buddha Died c. 483 BCE (aged 80) or 411 and 400 BCE

So, if you don't mind I keep with Buddha on this one. If anything, there is a good chance that Saladin had encountered Buddhist monks.
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