Solstice Blessings

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Re: Solstice Blessings

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ceemes wrote:
mogster wrote:Guess there aren't many Celts or Pagans on this forum?

....there are a few of us, but it a busy time right now, what with the dancing naker around the oak trees, the endless orgies, all that wine needing to be quaffed, plus trying to find a virgin to sacrafice is a bugger these days...... :devil:

I thought the holier than thou tree was the Rowan...

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Re: Solstice Blessings

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Happy Winter Solstice or Yule. :D

The sun :sunshine: will rise here in about 4 hours but it is so damp & drizzly I doubt it will be much of a sunrise. We celebrated last night with a lovely family meal hosted by our local Indian restaurant. For the first time in years we haven't had a bonfire, but I did light some candles.

The ancient Norse lit a log :flame: on the eve of the winter solstice that burnt for 12 days, just in case the sun did not rise in the morning. From that we now have the tradition of a chocolate cake! :wink: :laughing:

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Re: Solstice Blessings

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Right back at 'cha!! Blessed Be today and every day.

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Re: Solstice Blessings

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Happy Solstice everyone.

Only 90 days until Spring, hooray. :clap:
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