racing engine setup tips for 4 stroke motorcycle

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Re: racing engine setup tips for 4 stroke motorcycle

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Wrider wrote:Not sure what you mean by a ringer?
Hard to define a ringer which is a slang term used in racing and other competition.

Examples of a ringer would be:

A bored and stroked engine actually displacing more cc than the class it is racing in.

A balanced and blueprinted engine racing against totally stock engines.

A 15 year old kid with a fake birth certificate pitching in the little league world series

A Heavyweight who falsified his weight fighting in the ring with a Light Heavy.

And the ultimate example of a "legalized" ringer would be...

A 1125cc Buell being allowed to race against 600cc race bikes and "win" in the AMA Daytona Sportbike Championship. :laughing:
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Re: racing engine setup tips for 4 stroke motorcycle

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HYPERR wrote:
Wrider wrote: Big-bore
That's what I said originally but that would make it a ringer. :ninja:

But then again, how are they gonna know. :twisted:
Probably the same way my old man's Ford Anglia was rumbled, actual performance results didn't match the spec's so the race Stewards pulled him in, stripped the engine and found all manner of questionable modifications, including reboring the engine, along with tricked heads, cams and the like. Cost him a ton of points and his place in the standings. And this was back in the 70's.
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Re: racing engine setup tips for 4 stroke motorcycle

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Haha ok, so a cheater engine. Kinda like the 80cc ones they make for 50cc bikes that are stamped as 49cc displacements...
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