*** A new motorcycle show for LADIES

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follow wrote:
blues2cruise wrote:I made it to 9 minutes. Could not be bothered to go to part 2.
Well the first few seconds got me....you all know I am short (legged) but I still wouldn't wear stiledo's or anything of the sort when riding, sure I would if I were going out (and get primped up). Yes I am aware that for the most part it was for all show but the impression can be strong for some, including me...thinking "how lame". (yes they can go lame if that foot gets caught)
Well as you saw...I am tall. I don't need heels to make me look taller, however, I will wear them on occasion with a dress if I am going out somewhere.
I wear boots a lot; for riding, for just walking; for hiking and sometimes to work for just being at my desk.
I still feel just as girly in my boots... :wink:

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I watched the first episode, but lost interest in it as a lot of the chat focused on trivial things like how they look riding rather than serious info. The one who doesn't yet own a bike especially seems concerned about how "cool" one looks on a bike. Looks like "The View" but about bikes!

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