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I saw an ST1300P on the way to work today. I was at the stoplight next to another cop on a Road King....both of us were drooling as it smoothly rolled by....

Wasn't the right bike for me but it sure is a nice machine....
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Did you know that most of the ST1300P has been modified in height.Mostly due to the solo seats that they install. I was listening to some LEO's (my buddies) and they informed me of this.
Can we trust the word of a LEO? :roll: :wink: :laughing:
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Still Learning

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This conversation is an interesting one and I'm learning a lot from you all just reading your posts. The only thing I had ever ridden on two wheels before turning 52 was a bicycle.
Last year, I had an accident when I fell into our basement that splintered my arm pretty bad and required three surgeries. I had been wanting to learn how to ride but of course that had to be put off. Then, without exercising patience and good sense, I hopped on my new Majesty 400 and the second day after I got her, took her out on the road and had a fine wreck. I wasn't even all the way healed from my surgeries which included taking some bone out of my hip to put in my arm and the wreck really set me back but at least it literally and figuratively knocked some sense into me. :oops:
Now, I've done it right, took the MSF course and practiced a lot before going out on the road. I'm on a Grand Vista 250 which is a scooter but keeps up with my husband's old Honda 450 so I'm having a blast. But I wrote all this to say my GV is actually helping me regain my strength in my left arm. It just weighs 350 lbs. but for someone who has been through what I have, not to mention my age, I'm doing very well to handle it. So, my bike is making me stronger. It's fun thinking about what I can go to next once I'm close to being my old self. I don't think I'll ever be riding the kind of motorcycles most of you are talking about though but as we used to say back in the day: More power to you! :wink:

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Re: Still Learning

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Gina wrote: So, my bike is making me stronger. It's fun thinking about what I can go to next once I'm close to being my old self.


I'm 55 and just started riding this year. I started on a 250 and only had it for two months before graduating to a 750. I'll probably not ever go much bigger than an 1100, but I'm 5'6" and 149 lbs. I work out regularly at the gym and found that helps tremendously when it comes to handling the bike. Once you have recovered there's no telling where you'll end up!

I had rotator cuff surgery in July 2005 and got back to sea kayaking by October the same year. In July 2006 I did a 10-day kayaking expedition in the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska with a group of female friends. As fifty-somethings we're not getting old, just experienced and interesting!

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The motorcycle is a gyroscope in motion. Use the physics not the mechanics. The bike wants to go in a straight line and it also wants to turn. Strength has nothing to do with it.
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Alex, you need to take the motorcycle safety course and then probably get ito an advanced motorcycle riders course. They are invaluable for learning the mechanics of a bike. Really it should not matter the size of the bike as far as actual riding it goes, stopping is another matter - but learning to use your body and the gyroscopic tendencies of the motorcycle can vastly improve your skills. Especially with a bigger bike.
Now I need to backtrack a bit. I have seen a number of Youtube videos on this and have spend some time just hopping on bikes to try them out and get the feel for them. There are some bikes that wont fit your body type and will cause riding to be more difficult. IE: A Kawasaki 600 vs the Suzuki 600 Kawasaki - a great bike - can cause pain in wrists after awhile making the ride uncomfortable.
That is why I recoommend not just getting a bike based on CC's but on comfort instead. If you are not comfortable or the bike is not being as responsive as a bike you are use to it might not be a good fit.
That is when you should figure out what the differences are on the bikes and make adjustments accordingly. Good luck

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