Tyler Risk down

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Tyler Risk down

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Don't know if you guys remember Tyler Risk, she was posting here last year under the handle TylerR. Saw a report on ADV last night that she went down Saturday while leading a group ride: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=479556

Posting here as most of her posts on TMW were on this board.
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Didn't she run a M/C touring company or something like that?

There's a blog of her recovery here...

http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/tyler ... atedAt/asc

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Here is the new lo down on how Tyler is doing.
She was waiting behind a semi, and when she started to pass, the semi pulled out and ran her over, breaking her pelvis in a number of places and causing some very bad skin injury *apparently this is more severe than degloving and will require a number of skin grafts.
Today she is sitting up and giving the thumbs up sign. She has a long long road to go, but she is progressing well up to now. They are keeping a close eye out for blood clots, and because of her skin injury can not give her asprin or other blood thining meds. SO they put a basket thingy in her to thwart any clots crusing around.
Anyone wanting to check out her progress or leave a note go to
www.caringbridge.org - sign up, chek out the journal which is updated by Jaime and leave your love on the guest book.
Tyler did use 20 pints of blood product, so if you want to donate in her name that would be great. Anyone in Northern California, Northbay sportriders.com is having a blood drive run (this is a forum Tyler frequented.
Looks like Tyler should be back on the west coast soon.

Thursday, July 2, 2009 12:17 PM, MDT

***Sorry I did not know how to post the photo from caring bridge...

Posting this latest pic (with Cyn, from about an hour ago) to buoy those of you who were saddened by the picture I posted of Ty with Shan & Andrea. (Incidentally, Andrea said at the time she only poses for pictures with patients she knows are going to make it... ;-) How's this for a rally?!?
Our girl's doing terrific. She's already moved from a liquid diet to a whole food diet. (And is already critiquing the scrambled eggs. LOL) Her spirits are good, her fever is gone, her lungs are great and her legs ... well, that's going to take quite a bit more time. They're now realizing that the skin trauma is much more consistent with a crush injury from the wheels actually running over her legs, as opposed to a degloving. (That will mean more to you med personnel than to mere mortals like me. ;-) They're CT'ing her legs to further assess potential soft tissue damage, but the miraculous fact still is no broken bones. We suspect her bike cushioned or protected her legs somewhat by taking the brunt of the force of the truck wheels. Those of you on the riding forums, discuss amongst yourselves. ;-)
She has been amazed at just the initial information we've given her re: the outpouring of support from literally all corners of the world. She's off in CT land right now, but when she returns, I'll share more of the guest book postings with her. She got to talk to Shannon for the first time last night, and they both were so relieved to reconnect. We'll make that happen again today.
Waiting for word on her lift off for CA ("goin' back to Cali, Cali, Cali...") but it's sounding more & more that it will indeed be Santa Clara VMC, which delights those of us who live so nearby. Would be great for Shan to be able to roll up on her mom whenever she wanted...
That's all from lovely Boise for right now. More to come later. Take care.

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