Ladies: Recommendation on buying chaps please

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I wear chaps as a regular state of affairs for I've seldom found anything else to give the protection to my legs that I feel I need. I sort of knew that my rear areas hung out but I just accepted it. :oops:

Anyway, I've never found leather or textile pants to give me the protection that my heavy chaps do. most of the problems that I have is stuff coming up from the road and my chaps are better protection than anything else I tried. Actually, heavy duty riding boots are more necessary.

I've never come off my bike that I didn't ball up and try to ride it out. The actually scary thing for me in an accident is to ruin a hand or two. Most accidents that I see (and I see a lot :( ) the problem is head injuries first. Then the hands/arms and legs. And finally the rest of the body. I guess that I don't ride 10/10s anymore or I'd have a real crotch rocket. My Buell is really more of a sweety than a fire breather. Then I would wear real armor if I could find it in my size. :evil:

I've never tried denim riding pants. I'm kind of scared of them. Has anybody tried them and what did you think.

Just my 2 cents... :chopper:
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