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Now, if you were a front wheel darksider, then I would buy you a drink.

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car tires on bikes

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my grand father had a conversation bout this after i read your post he was telling me about a 1949 indan chef he had bout 30 plus years ago that had car tires on it the thing is he used tires from the 1930's off like ford model a's now as i sad he had this bike he totoled out the bike in 1979 becouse he could no longer find the round edge tire that came on the model a and used the spare tire from granmaw's vw bug two days after he done this the bike was in peices & he had back surgery so the choise is yours to make .

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I run car tires on my sidecar rig and occasionally take the hack off. It's a really weird ride and it messes with the bikes cornering ability. You don't have dynamically neutral steering, there's no longer a direct relationship between how much you push and how much it leans, and it definitely doesn't stop as well. Then again, maybe I'm just a stickler since I like the twisties.

I ran a question by the dunlop rep at VIR who got info from the factory saying that car performance tires don't have nearly the same grip as regular motorcycle tires. They are designed with entirely different uses and thereby coefficients of friction in mind to suit their needs. The factory guys couldn't fathom why I do it on my sidecar (m/c tires wear faster and get weird wear profiles faster).
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