Summer Weight Jacket With Kevlar And Armor

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Summer Weight Jacket With Kevlar And Armor

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I live in Tel Aviv. Summer has arrived and today was 35 C. Since it has been getting warmer here for a few weeks already, I purchased an Ultra Cool Kevlar Sport Jacket from a company here called Brosh ( ) and I am very happy with it.
Info is here:

They have two jackets of this weight. the sport version that I bought has four outer pockets and is cut at belt height.
The standard jacket info here:

The basic differences between the two are that the ultra cool kevlar has only two front pockets and is cut a little lower, below the belt line at about the hip bone. This one is also a little cheaper.

The jacket has Kevlar lining sewn into the shoulders elbow and forearms to protect against road rash and there are velcro sealed pockets for armor in the back, shoulders and elbows as well. As I already have a Joe Rocket winter jacket, I just took the armor out of that and used it in the new jacket.

The jacket is also lined with Cool Max and has 3M reflective striping across the back and on the forearms near the wrist cuffs. It has vented zippers across the back and one in each of forearm section from the wrist cuff to just below the inside of my elbow.

I really like that it is light weight and once moving you feel the air flow throughout.

The other nice thing is that as I am, once again, (Old School) studying full time, I can stuff the jacket into my back pack, armor and all and carry it with me.

Anyway, if you are looking for a good quality and a summer jacket with full protection, the jacket is definitely worth a look.

The have other jackets too, all with kevlar lining and the ability to add hard armor as well.
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