Helmet Speakers - Tork X2 , X3, PRO ?

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Helmet Speakers - Tork X2 , X3, PRO ?

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Have gone from a Gold Wing to a cruiser. Only thing I miss thus far is the radio. Thus I have purchased a small Sony AM/FM portable radio, that can either clip onto a belt or slip into a shirt pocket. It is only about the size of a cigarette lighter. But can not decide on the speakers that I want to install in my new helmets.

Have considered the TORK line of speakers. Basically they have three models which are the X2, X3 and PRO.

Wondering if anybody has installed any of these TORK speakers into their helmets ? Or another brand of speakers ?

Looking for any installation, brand or any other info that other people have had with helmet speakers.

Thank you for your time.



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