Communications Rig

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Communications Rig

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I have been hunting for a diffinitive answer on whether you can use a chatterbox radio lets say the FRS X2 to communicate with a standard off the shelf radio from lets say motorola or midland? if so what are the channel frequencies for each radio and which circuit designators corroborate across the differing brands of communication equipment? any info would be appreciated so that i can make a informed purchase.

perhaps someone out there knows a better solution than chatterbox... again any information would be appreciated.

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For FRS & GMRS, all channels/privacy codes are the same regardless of band. That's FCC rules.

Technically, last time I looked several years ago, you needed a FCC license to operate the GMRS part of those little radios. But the license was nothing more than a $75 mail in card. :/ Not at all like my Ham Radio license that I had to study for.

As to who can attach to those type radios . . . got me. I'm wondering about good bike coms too. But as I don't have any $$ to spend, probably for the next year, I'll have to wait.
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