McCuff - any good

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McCuff - any good

#1 Unread post by mazer »

Do any of you use the McCuff when filling your tank? If so do you like it? Is it worth the price? Anything better out there? Thanks

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#2 Unread post by Johnj »

I don't use McCuff.
I don't think I'd like it as I like to fill my tank all the way.
I've don't see an advantage to owning one.
I always watch the gas as it goes into the tank.
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#3 Unread post by Thumper »

I bought one for my MP3...filling the tank is a bear on that because if its location and the fact you just can't see into it.

The McCuff works fairly well...I use it to fill until the gas nozzle clicks, then I dribble in about .4 gallon more.

I wouldn't have needed it on my SV or even my Rebel, but it's a bonus with a tank you can't see into.

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#4 Unread post by basshole »

had one for 2 years now and works like a charm.
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