Don't get screwed by Carrozzeria and British Customs

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Don't get screwed by Carrozzeria and British Customs

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I'll start at the beginning.

I ordered wheels for my 08 Triumph Speed Triple, but was sent wheels for an 05-07. I was then told that I would only need to swap rotors from an 05-07 and everything would be fine. Galfer rotors were recommended because BC and Cazzo had used them before. I then asked if the Galfers would still be OK even though Triumph had changed the Nissin calipers to Brembo's on the 08's. I was told "No problem they'll work fine."
So, I ordered a set from BC and waited the week for them to be delivered. After a week had gone by but still no rotors, I called BC to get a tracking number. Sean came back on the phone and said for some reason they were still sitting on the shelf and had never been shipped out.
I was pretty p!ssed off I had waited a week for nothing. He was going to charge me $640 for the rotors but would eat the shipping because "he was sorry". They'll definitely be there in a week this time, he said.
I made a couple of calls and found out I could get the same 2 Galfer front rotors and a rear rotor from Andrew at for $550 WITH 2 day shipping.

I canceled my rotor order with BC and ordered through The rotors arrived in 2 days, WOW what a concept something arriving when it was promised!!

I took them to the shop where my bike was being worked on and found out later that night that the rotors, that BC said I should get, didn't actually fit the offset of the wheel. The rotors wouldn't fit inside the calipers. They were a bit too wide.

So, back on the phone with BC. They don't have an answer but they'll call Cazzo. The solution Cazzo has, is for me to send back the wheel and they'll machine down the hub area where the rotors bolt to the wheel and everything will be fine.

I'm p!ssed that I have more down time waiting for this BS to be resolved. My shop isn't too happy either with my bike torn apart on one of their lifts.

Mark at Cazzo says he'll pay to have the wheel overnighted in each direction to cut down on the time. After a few minutes he calls back and says that overnight charges are way too much and he has to do it 3 day in each direction. Because "he's losing a lot of money on this." After some more discussion I have to settle for overnight to him and 3 day back to me. So there goes another week.

I finally get the wheel back, and guess what? They didn't take enough material off and the calipers STILL won't fit over the rotors.

Now there's more back and forth between me and BC and me and Cazzo. Nobody seems to have an answer. I tell Cazzo I want my money back and I'll return the wheels, but they won't do it. It seems that they have a no return policy on the wheels because they are dis-continuing the S3 wheel line. So now I'm stuck with a set of wheels that won't fit my bike and these dodo bags could care less.

The guy at my shop calls a local machinist, he comes over and takes some measurements and says he can CNC the wheel and it'll fit. He cuts it, and it fits. They finally mount the tire on the wheel and my bike is done.

Because of the ineptitude of BC and this asshat Mark at Cazzo, my labor with the shop is $253 not the $110 they originally quoted me AND I also owe the CNC guy $200.
So the grand total comes out to over a month and a half with no bike and a labor bill of $453 instead of $110.

So the moral of the story is, if you want to get ripped off for a ton of money and not have your bike for a while go ahead and do business with British Customs and Carrozzeria wheels.

The good news is the bike handles really good with the lighter wheels and it seems a lot quicker as well. It feels like I'm riding a dirt bike.

I definitely recommend getting rid of the stockers, but in no way recommend dealing with BC or Cazzo.

If I had it to do all over again, I'd definitely spend the extra cash and go with Marchesini or BST.

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