need help naming a rare bike

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need help naming a rare bike

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I have forgotten who made the bike and what it was called but it came up when i was talking to my friends. I was wondering if someone knew what its called, well it was made by a manin either Australia or New Zealand and it was made out of kevlar using the same the same princles of aero dynamics as an F1 race car. From what I remeber the bikes front wheel would accuatly come up when the rider shifted up. I'm almost positive it was raced at daytona and the bike lost because a $5 part broke and the owner didnt have a spare one..... If it helps the bike was painted all crazy bright colors and the creator died of cancer soon after racing at Daytona

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if you are referring to this bike:


it's John Britten's V1000. It actually enjoyed a fairly successful racing career.

More info on the man and the machines can be found on the company website
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