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What it's not

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:07 pm
Well now that the holidays are behind us winter is in full swing, I tend to long for warmer days and longer days but that's NOT it, really. I think of friendly gatherings and BBQ but that's NOT it either. I often think of getting the latest and greatest motorcycle out there and you know what? That's not it either. Then it hit me..
It's NOT the size of the toy it's NOT the age of the boy...
It IS NOT the old cliche If I have to explain you wouldn't understand,It is not just the look of wonder in your sons eyes as he jumps up on Daddy's BIKE or the utter happiness that a father feels as he sees his son so tired he is falling asleep on his own machine as the day comes to an end.
It IS all of it!!!!!!!
Sorry sometimes I just need to do things like this.