Roland Sands Design - KTM 525+ Cafe Racer

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Roland Sands Design - KTM 525+ Cafe Racer

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RSD has built a few of these KTM cafe racers now. Pretty Damn Cool.

All the bodywork is hand made aluminum, fabricated in RSD compound, with tricked out titanium exhaust from FMF. Tail, tank and headlight mount were painted in Candy Orange Flake paint by Chris Wood (Airtrix). Forks and shocks are lowered, custom subframe accept the battery and electronics.

You need lots of different views of this bike to do it justice, but lame-o account only allows 1 pic per post...

+ vid of the build:
Roland_Sands_Design_KTM_525_EXC.jpg (59.46 KiB) Viewed 7422 times
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