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by bumpy
Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:25 pm
Forum: Trouble Shooting
Topic: GS500 idle issue
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GS500 idle issue

I have bought my 2004 Suzuki GS500. When I bought it, i couldn't ride it, as i don't have a licence yet. The previous owner said that the bike will idle high when it gets hot. After he rode it, to deliver it, RPM sat at 4k. I have done a bit of snooping around the internet as well as the forum, and ...
by bumpy
Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:23 pm
Forum: Start Your Engines - Introduce Yourself
Topic: Newbie
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Hi all, I'm Rob, and 41. Finally thought it was time to get my bike licence, after many years on a dirt bike. Never ridden on the road before, and just bought a 2004 Suzuki GS500 which is looking good, right price, and seems in good condition, but needs a little work as it idles really high I got my...