Help needed on picking out a new bike!

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Help needed on picking out a new bike!

#1 Unread post by iwannarideabike » Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:37 pm


I've always been interested in riding a motorcycle, and after having my first ride on one, which was a trip from Long Beach to San Diego, I've decided to commit to buying one for myself.

The bike was a Kawasaki KLR 650 (I think) and I liked the style of it. I like the idea of having a bike that is compatible for both the street and off-roading. I want a bike that is good for beginners but will still be enjoyable to keep after those first beginning stages of riding. Something that is good for traveling long distances. I've done some research and hear that the Yamaha XT600E is a great beginner's bike for dual purposes, so that is what I'm leaning towards. I'm also interested in the Yamaha Tricker, but am not sure if it's reliable enough for traveling long distances comfortably. I've also heard the Honda Rebel is a good beginner's bike.

What are your opinions? My first bike, suitable for the streets and off-roading, but not too big that it's hard to control. I'm about 5'6" and not afraid for a challenge :)

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Re: Help needed on picking out a new bike!

#2 Unread post by jstark47 » Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:58 pm

I don't think the XT600E was sold in the USA? The two most common 600cc class dual sports are the KLR which you rode, and the Suzuki DR650SE. The problem with these bikes for a noob is they are awfully tall. Particularly for someone 5'6". My wife is 5'6", she used to have an '07 BMW G650X. When I rode up behind her at stops, I could almost see her trying to decide which side foot to put down.... there was no way she could get both feet down. She eventually got tired of dropping it and traded it in.

There are 200-250cc class dual sports around which may be a little less tall, but they're a bit freeway-challenged. All that said, dual sports have a lot to recommend them - forgiving power delivery, rugged, and much less prone to damage if dropped.

A Honda Rebel is a cruiser, a completely different kind of bike. They are a good first bike, but if you do a lot of freeway riding, you'll find yourself eventually wanting more motor. Still, an excellent starter.
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Re: Help needed on picking out a new bike!

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Re: Help needed on picking out a new bike!

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