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Unread postPosted: Tue May 05, 2015 7:41 pm 
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Been a busy month for me. Signed up for the MSF, got back onto the forums here, purchased my first helmet, went and sat on bikes at different shops and now I have started my first ever blog.

I read Lion Lady's helmet fit guide post and I was glad I did. Set out today to just try on helmets and sit on some bikes. Ended up very pleased with the service I got at the local triumph/Ducati shop. Tried on a variety of Shoei, Bell and an AGV helmets. Have a rather large and long head i discovered! The Shoei were the only ones that were a true fit. Was between the Shoei Quest and the RF1200. In the end the Quest won out because it sat lower on my head and the sales rep commented that it covered lower on the back of my head. Was googling price points the whole time and was pleased to find that the Quest i purchased was going for 300ish online and i was out the door at $290USD. Felt like it was a good bargain. I am sitting here with it on my head, wearing it in and I haven't discovered any hot spots or issues with the hat! My trapezius muscles are a touch sore, perhaps just not used to the extra weight they are now carrying. That will become more comfortable as they get used to it I am sure.

At the Montrose Ducati dealer I didn't sit on any bikes, nothing there is my style and really they don't have any beginner bikes. Even the sales guy said this which was nice to hear that he wasen't going to try and sell me something not right for me. At the trimuph shop I did sit on the 2014 Speedmaster. It was a bike that i liked a whole lot. Very classic styling and yet a seat height low enough to flat foot. (something that is kind of a must). The tank sure is wide though, and my legs were a touch flaired out due to that. But certainly surprised there was something there that i liked outside of the bonneville. I will have to consider them when i start seriously bike hunting at the end of the May.

Went to the Glendale, CA H-D dealer next. The sales rep there was nice in that he was ok with knowing i had no intention of buying and was just sitting and gathering a feel and info for when i start my hunt in earnest later. We tried out all the sportsters. the Iron 883 is THE most popular crusier in LA, i see it all the time. Part of the reason I am not in love with it is the fact that it is so common. I wouldn't mind sticking out a touch. Also being the most popular is at the same time the most stolen according to my AAA rep. The H-D Sportster 48 sure caught my eye. A very mean looking bike that has minimal junk on it. The stripped down look and low seat height were great. Cons to the 48 were the tiny peanut tank and knowing that it wont be able to really take a passanger or bags later down the line when i want to to do trips. the 1200T and 1200ultraLow were great in that sense. Was able to flat foot it, didnt feel like the tank was encroaching on my leg room and the forward controls felt much less cramped than the controls on the 48 or the 883. (for reference i am 5'11") I look forward to seeing how the 1200 and the speedmaster feel when im moving on them.

Was pleased that I didn't encounter any pushy or rude reps and that the H-D guy didnt try and sell me on the H-D family or mindset or any of that stuff. I hope to make it to the kawasaki and yamaha shops as well and see what kind of newbie options they have too!!

Anyhow, im excited to be getting into riding and giving this writing a blog thing a shot.

Here is me in my brand new helmet writing my brand new blog. Thank goodness yall can't see my big silly smile!!
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