Honda CBR125R / Yamaha R125 help!

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Honda CBR125R / Yamaha R125 help!

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I don't know if I posted in the right section, but I take the risk.
I want to get a town economical commuter. I've thought first of Honda's CBF125 or Yamaha's Virago 250/SR125/YBR125. They are all nice, economical and reliable, but naked. Lastly, I decided to choose between 2009+ Honda CBR125R or Yamaha YZF-R125. Even though they are more sportish, they return excellent fuel economy (2 to 2,5l/100km or 90+ US MPG) and above all, they are fully-faired (so I won't have much trouble with the wind). Before picking one of these I want to know some information which only people who owned them can help me. Need to mention that there are things that do not really matter to me. For example, the motorcycle height. I am 180cm and they both fit me right(Honda is lower and Yamaha higher seated).

First off, I'm interested in how many RPMs require each bike to maintain 60km/h (or 40mph) (max 70km/h) in the 6th gear.
2) Which of these is the most confortable (for example: which one requires a more upright position)
3) At what RPM should I up-shift in order to get the BEST fuel economy? (I don't really care about speed. 60-70km/h should be maximum)
4) Which one is physically better? (I mean which one has better suspension, forks, etc. so I am talking about components' quality)
5) Which one is more reliable? (Since I am planning to drive them at low RPMs, I believe they will last forever, but are there any common faulties that people often encounter on any of these 2 bikes?)
6) Since I am looking for fuel economy (and not speed), should a smaller sprocket improve the torque and therefore return better consumption? (or is the original sprocket perfect? For example: I've seen people replacing the sprocket for Ninja 250 with a smaller one and the fuel consumption was considerably improved)
7) Any tips about getting better fuel consumption are well-appreciated.
Are there any better fully-faired motorcycle which returns 90+ US MPG and which are also known for reliability (4 stroke and Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki or Yamaha should be the brands)

At the moment, I'm 70% for Yamaha R125. But before deciding, I need those questions answered.

Thank you. Any answers would be appreciated.
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Re: Honda CBR125R / Yamaha R125 help!

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And otherwise the machine is good to start with ??? I mean I don't go running or something xD.

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