Your Biggest Fear on the Road

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Lion_Lady wrote:
Theweapon52 wrote:
Before you assume what bad judgements i made on the road how about look at the positive. The whole reason i didn't end up crashing was because i had to "look" in the first place and swerve to get out of their way. Yeah ill agree that putting myself in the situation wasn't smart, but what i think that counts is that i had the ability to get myself out of the situation.

No motorcyclist notices every potentially dangerous situation when they first look at it. Like i said earlier what's more important is that you can put learned information and skills to use and ride out of any given situation safely.
Okay. You didn't get hit. A positive. BUT, if you had to swerve to avoid being hit (not once but FOUR freaking times), you aren't looking nearly far enough ahead. Especially in traffic. Maybe you were a bit tired, so you weren't on your game. But after the second time, I would have seriously considered heading back home.

A smart riders uses their knowledge to avoid having to use their skills.

As for what am I most worried about while riding? Anything I hadn't considered a threat, ie surpises.


I was thinking more if you had to swerve from lane changes four times in 30 minutes because they werent making head should prolly spend less time in peoples blind spots...there are better places to position ourself in traffic.
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Gunslinger wrote:Probably my biggest fear is the twitter girls making that infamous left turn in front of me.
I'm with you on that one, Gunslinger - but it's not just Twitter "girls" - it's everyone you see by these days has one hand on the wheel and one hand on the cell phone in front of them - thumb typing like mad...

I'm most afraid of hitting an animal - be it a deer or coyote that dashes out from the bush - a surprise situation where I have no time to react. It's "good fear" I guess...keeps me on my game. I am also very wary of being hit from behind - I'm a firm believer in always being in gear while stopped (keeps my clutch hand very strong) - and I'm always watching my mirrors - probably comes from being rear ended recently in my cage.

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Biggest fear while riding - sitting at a light and getting slaughtered from behind. It almost happened to me with two sets of kids in cars cresting a hill to a light I was stopped and zooming by me and the red light.

And that was only a couple weeks in to riding. Most of the other stuff is predictable when riding with your head on straight.

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catnip wrote:My biggest fear is deer, and they are plentiful here in PA.
My commute to work, DE to PA, sees its share of deer. I even had a near miss myself in my car last Autumn. And when other riders at work, tell me that the deer signs are up in their area, then that's it for me as far as commuting. I've heard one too many stories of riders getting knocked off their bikes, and in one occasion it was fatal. The woods are just to close to the roads for me. There's no time to see and avoid and if I rode slow enough to do that then I'm too distracted by the thought of some inattentive cager running late and on the cell phone would come up on me from behind around a blind corner. I'd be so stressed out from the morning ride that it just wouldn't be fun anymore. :cry:

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Being hit side on (T-boned).

Being hit from behind whilst stationary.

Being hit head on.

Also there has been research to suggest that prolonged riding can cause ya balls to atrophy and you can become impotent.....this is my biggest fear.


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while my mind being off in never never land in a critical moment my biggest worry is wet pavement, not rain i will ride in rain all day long as long as the road stays dry (yes, i know it does not happen). and it is when i am turning not going straight, it just scares the "pee" out of me.
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matthew5656 wrote:creepy video ...
The writer mustn't have ever heard of the kill switch on a bike...

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