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Total Motorcycle Cool Wall
This Week: 2015 Victory Magnum - Vote Now - November 28th - December 5th, 2014
Last Week: - 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS - Voted - 69.6% Cool - 2014 TMW Cool Wall Rank: 25/47
What's New on Total Motorcycle
Get More of What you Love of TMW and less of what you don't.
Get More of What you Love of TMW and less of what you don't.
Since I started Total Motorcycle over 15 years ago I've endeavored to add more great features and free unique content while reducing ads. New features like our upgraded 12 core Xeon server, new upgraded forums 3.1.1 (featuring Facebook/Google login) and new AddThis Pro sharing slider and recommended content. Plus you will notice 30% less ads now on Total Motorcycle! Just incredible, I know. What other site adds more free stuff and reduces ads to increase your enjoyment? Very few. But then again, there is only one Total Motorcycle. Share the Love
Now 82 New 2015 Honda Motorcycles in our Honda Guide!
Now 82 New 2015 Honda Motorcycles in our Honda Guide!
I was blown away by Yamaha's launch of 68 new 2015 models, but Honda tops that record number with 82 models! Total Motorcycle offers the biggest and best Motorcycle Model Guides you can find anywhere at any price (we just happen to be free too). Full HD Photos, full specs and much more! 2015 Honda Motorcycle Model Guide
Moto Guzzi Evolves, Changes and Looks Boldly at the Future
Moto Guzzi Evolves, Changes and Looks Unafraid at the Future
If you haven't been to our new 2015 Moto Guzzi Guide you are missing the start of a brand transformation. "Moto Guzzi can dare, can look forward, even far into the future, without uncertainty, without the fear of venturing beyond the frontier". And so with that, we present the first line of the new Guzzi's: 2015 Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Model Guide
Ducati launches new Testastretta DVT 1299 Motorcycles!
Ducati launches new Testastretta DVT 1299 Motorcycles!
Ducati is betting big that there new 160hp V-Twin Ducati Testastretta DVT engine will change the face of motorcycling. For the first time, a motorcycle engine is now available with variable valve timing system with independent control of both the intake and exhaust camshafts. See the new DVT 2015 Ducati Panigale's and Multistrada's right at TMW --- A must see guide packed with Ducati information: 2015 Ducati Motorcycle Model Guide
2015 URALs Arrive - - "This is how we do things in Russia!"
2015 URALs Arrive - - "This is how we do things in Russia!"
Hey there Kommrad! Time to suit up and salute the new 2015 URAL motorcycles! See the new models, experience the adventur3, see the sights! 2015 URAL cT, M70, MIR, Hybrid, Patrol and Gear-up all await your orders Sir! The best Russian Motorcycle Model Guide (Outside of Russia): 2015 URAL Motorcycle Model Guide
Aprilia gets aggressive for their new 2015 Models!
Aprilia gets aggressive for their new 2015 Models!
(Yes, that's a Wheelie setting). The top-of-the-line manufacturer, Aprilia, gets agressive with new features and pricing on their new 2015 models. With advanced technology, Aprilia's are designed to be the very best in their catagory. Check these new and revised 2015 models in our Aprilia Guide: 2015 Aprilia Motorcycle Model Guide
Triumph's new 2015 Lineup - Celebrating Special Editions
Triumph's new 2015 Lineup - Celebrating Special Editions
Some things are worth waiting for as Triumph releases a broadside of 2015 motorcycles full of great sportbikes, cruisers, adventure bikes, classics and roadsters and classics! But the must see: new 2015 Special Editions - Speed Triple Rx, Bonnevill Newchurch, T100 Spirit, T214, Ace Cafe and more: 2015 Triumph Motorcycle Model Guide
Yamaha's New Direction. 68+ new 2015 Yamaha Motorcycles arrive!
Yamaha's New Direction. 68+ new 2015 Yamaha Motorcycles arrive!
68 new Yamaha models and more to come... and I bet you thought Harley-Davidson had the most models! Our 2015 Yamaha Motorcycle Guide is a jam-packed must see of new models like the new YZF-R3, SR400, Raider Bullet, Stryker Bullet, 1300 Deluxe, YZ250FX, Bolt C-Spec, SMAX and more: 2015 Yamaha Motorcycle Model Guide
National and Local Gas Price Maps added to our Travel Guide
National and Local Gas Price Maps added to our Travel Guide
We have expanded our ever popular Travel Guide to now include Local and National Gas Prices so you can find the lowest, cheapest gas in your area or where you are traveling. No more guessing where the best deals on regular, mid-grade, premium and even diesel fuel prices are in your area or across the USA! TMW Gas Price Map
2015 Ducati Scrambler -- A perfect Mix of Tradition and Modernity
2015 Ducati Scrambler -- A perfect Mix of Tradition and Modernity
The just released 2015 Ducati Scrambler... Four models in one: Scrambler Icon, Scrambler Urban Enduro, Scrambler Full Throttle and Scrambler Classic! The two-wheeled alter ego, a cultural movement in and of itself; free-spirited, positive and anti-conformist: letting the imagination run free... 2015 Ducati Motorcycle Model Guide
Shocking New Redesigned 2015 Zero Motorcycle Models!
Shocking New Redesigned 2015 Zero Motorcycle Models!
Zero has found a way to mix motorcycles and electricity and it's electrifying! With a new redesign for 2015, Zero electric bikes are now better than ever! 10% more range (up to 185 miles), Showa suspensions, ABS, Pirelli tires and new rider interfaces. Check out our shocking new 2015 Zero Guide: 2015 Zero Motorcycle Model Guide
Biggest 2015 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Model Guide, anywhere.
The Biggest 2015 Harley-Davidson Model Guide, anywhere.
The biggest, baddest, coolest 2015 Harley-Davidson Model Guide with the moto swagger has just hit the internet and you are looking at it right here on Total Motorcycle. 37 model with more information, photos, specs, features in one spot than anyone, anywhere, on one page! I guarantee it. 2015 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Model Guide
The must have of 2015: The new Indian Scout A steal at $10,999!
The must have of 2015: The new Indian Scout. A steal at $10,999!
The latest 2015 model you just have to see: The 2015 Indian Scout. Brand new and redesigned from scratch at a stunning price of just $10,999. The Indian Scout "This is the first truly new Indian Scout in more than 70 years" will get you a 1133cc, 100hp V-Twin, modern technology and breakthrough design: 2015 Indian Motorcycle Model Guide
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